Loan Amortization Calculator


This simple and easy to use amortization calculator lets you:

  • Calculate monthly loan payments
  • Generate a loan amortization schedule.

The calculator show you how your loan will work month by month. It includes information about:

  • How much you owe on your loan throughout the loan term
  • Your monthly payment
  • How much of your loan gets paid off each month
  • How much of your monthly payment goes towards interest each month


This amortization calculator is ideal for all types of loans including: home mortgages, commercial loans, car/auto loans, debt refinancing and more.


Loan Amortization Terms

Amortization Schedule


What is amortization?

Your monthly payments repay the loan plus interest with the homeowner’s insurance and property taxes. The amount of money owed for principal or interest will fluctuate according to amortizations throughout your loan.

When borrowing for mortgages at fixed-rate, you repay them in equal installments, but despite this amount, the balance of the principal and the amount incurred for interest may vary with the amount of payments you pay. During your time on the loan, your principal amount will go up compared to the interest rate.


How do you calculate amortization?

The mortgage amortized schedule calculator shows the calculator to calculate the mortgage payment and interest rate.
In other words, you can make more than one payment each month if you expect extra payment for this period. Calculators show you how much interest you’ll need over the lifetime of your loan.

A comprehensive program show your monthly payments for principal and interest and the outstanding balance of the principal balance you’re obligated to maintain throughout the life of this loan.


Tell me the amortization schedule?

Most payments are directed to interest rather than a principal. The loan amortization plan indicates that a larger percentage will be used towards paying the loan’s interest until your repayments are completed on time.

A mortgage amortization calendar can be a table that lists the regular payments on the mortgage. The mortgage loan amortization plan specifies how much goes towards the various parts of your mortgage payment.